Medical Advocacy Counseling

Taking good care of your health and medical needs is an essential part of self-care.  Unfortunately, it has become increasingly more complicated, in part because of insurance protocol that often dictates whether or not to offer certain tests or procedures, and in part because of the many options we may have regarding different treatment approaches.  It is not uncommon to struggle with how to best treat a given health care issue.  Navigating these options can be cumbersome and overwhelming at times.  Untreated illness or conditions can frequently lead to secondary medical problems or mental health distress.

Often we may struggle with how to access health care services that we need to address a particular ailment or illness. Seeking medical advocacy counseling to help sort through obstacles and treatment options can help you develop a clearer plan to more effectively get the optimal care you need and deserve.  Doctors do not have the time it may take to help you make important decisions for you or your loved ones.  An essential part of your well-being may be most effectively addressed through quality medical counseling and support.  It is important to prepare yourself for visits to your doctors and/or specialists with information and questions in hand.  It may also be indicated that you request certain tests to help with your diagnostic process.  Ultimately, the better prepared you are when having these discussions with your health care provider(s), the better you will be able to advocate for the best possible treatment protocol.  When a condition or illness is left untreated, it can often compromise your ability to function at work, school, or with your family and friends.

Medical Advocacy Counseling can be an invaluable resource when:

  • experiencing infertility treatment,
  • caring for a spouse or aging parent,
  • parenting your child with a condition or illness, or
  • caring for your personal health, which may get neglected when your primary focus becomes playing a caretaker role.
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