Counseling & Psychotherapy

My treatment approach is non-judgmental and based on being respectful of your past and current personal and interpersonal struggles. I believe that everybody is entitled to live a fulfilling life of his or her choice. My role is to support you in working through your pain, difficulties and obstacles while helping you to make the healthiest choices along the way. My orientation is client-centered, collaborative and solution focused. I believe that deepening our understanding of our family-of-origin can help us progress toward building a healthier future. Some typical goals and benefits to therapy include:

  • Improving and enhancing communication skills in relationships,
  • Deepening your understanding of self-destructive behavioral patterns,
  • Developing healthier ways to assert your needs and engage in a more fulfilling and productive life,
  • Developing and strengthening coping skills for overcoming anxiety, depression and anger management.
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